Pastor Darren Harbaugh

Rev. Darren Harbaugh is pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Seaside, California.  He previously served as pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio.  Pastor Harbaugh was ordained in the summer of 2012 after graduating from Concordia Seminary - St. Louis.  He also studied at Westfield House in Cambridge, England and served as vicar at West Portal Lutheran Church in San Francisco. Before becoming a Lutheran and later pursuing the ministry, Darren - a Michigan native - graduated from Biola University in Los Angeles in 2002.  He lived and worked as a sportswriter in the Mojave Desert and then as a high school English teacher in South Central LA.  Darren was introduced to Lutheran doctrine and practice by his wife (then girlfriend) Becca and began attending Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Pasadena, where he was confirmed and later served as deacon.  Darren and Becca have three children: June, Sam and Ben.